Keeping the Apple Pencil charged

I’ve never been happy with plugging my Apple Pencil into my iPad, so I bought the attachment so I could charge from a lightning cable. The piece is small and easy to lose, so the last time I found it, I taped it to the cable. I haven’t seen this simple solution anywhere else, so here it is.


I’ve lost at least 2 of these adapters before I moved to Apple Pencil 2 :wink:

Nice workaround! When I had the gen 1 Pencil I bought a little rubber loop that fit over the cable and the adapter to keep it from disappearing.

I’ve bought a stand to charge pencil 1. Looks good, convenient and won’t lose cable.

Btw found pencil 1 retain battery charge much longer than pencil 2. Others having same experience?

There is an app in the App Store that will help you locate your pencil. It is inexpensive too. It worked for me when I misplaced it … without a hitch.

It’s called Bluetooth Finder.

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Cool! I was fortunate enough to never actually lose my Pencil, but it’s nice to know there’s options in case I ever do. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for your kind words!!!

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