Keeping track of passport expiration dates

My family and I have 8 passports between us as we are dual nationals. What’s the best way to keep track of 8 expiration dates to ensure they are renewed on time? Is this a job for my task manager (Things 3)?

Personally I’d put them in your task manager and in your calendar. This way you can easily review expiration dates in regards to travel - and as some countries need your date of exit + 6 months before the expiry of the passport this might save your bacon with regards to renewal!

Good idea to put it in both. Thanks.

I’ve only got one passport to deal with, but I put “Renew passport” in OmniFocus with a start date about six months before it will expire and a due date about three months before. It’s currently my task that’s furthest in the future.

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Also - if you can - consider renewing some early along with ones that are due so you can get as many as possible on the same schedule.

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I started putting things like that in Reminders rather than in Omnifocus. Don’t want to screw something like that up because I decided to switch task managers. Reminders will (theoretically) always be there.

I put all license/passport renewal dates into my task manager (Omnifocus) with start dates at least 6 months before they expire and due dates a month before they expire.

I also have a trip planning checklist and one item on that is to look at passports and verify that they won’t expire during the trip. Since our trips are planned at least a year in advance (it takes that long to get a farm sitter) we have plenty of time to do renewals if required.

This is also how I handle it.

I keep scans of them in Evernote then set note reminders so that I get emails to remind me. Once they are renewed the old notes are moved to an archive.

I also more recently put them all in 1password together with metadata for easy copy paste. I was going to delete from Evernote. No idea why 1password hasn’t made a feature to email/notify when a passport is within 6 months of expiration! So they are still in Evernote for this reason.

I put my whole families’ passports in our 1Password database. In the watchtower, it shows me that my passport is expiring and needs to be renewed in a few months. Once I see that alert, I create an action in OmniFocus. Thanks for the reminder, by the way.

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Warning! A friend recently tried to board a flight to Greece with a US Passport that was due to expire in less than 6 months. She was denied boarding, had to get an expedited new passport, and had to pay full fare for a last minute round trip ticket for the following night. For whatever system you choose, be sure that your US Passports are renewed well before the 6 month deadline. Personally, I have a reminder in Omnifocus and my calendar 8 months prior to the expiration date. Good luck!

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Yes, any passport with 6 months validity should basically be considered unusable. Using one is very risky. My renewals are set to 9 months. I used to try and eek out as much time as possible but that has bitten me in the past, so I just start the renew process immediately at 9 months.

I keep track of 7 passport due dates in the bog-standard calendar app, with an additional entry 6 months out before they’re set to expire

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