Kernel Panics on M1 MBP?

Anyone else getting not infrequent kernel panics on their M1 MBP? Perhaps once a day for me. It’s hooked up to a CalDigit TS3 Plus Dock connected to an Ultrafine 5k and a bunch of peripherals/drives. I also have Backblaze chugging away uploading my data.

It seems to happen most often when I disconnect the dock after a few minutes, though there are plenty of others times as well.

Any others getting this issue?

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Nope. I’m using Backblaze but no external drives if that helps.

Yikes. No panics for me as of yet. And I’m driving an external monitor via an Apple HDMI dongle and an external Time Machine backup.

Maybe something’s up with your CalDigit set up?

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  • OWC dock
  • attached external drives, external DAC, etc.
  • no kernel panic
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Real story: seeing the title on the front page, was like “hmmm let me chec…”

…and my M1 MBP panicked to its kernel.

Lol, hope this isn’t a Ring type situation…

This is is a basic question, but does anyone know if/how I can find out what triggered the panic specifically? E.g., if it’s something due to switching from Ethernet to Wifi, or disconnecting from drives, or the display configuration changing, etc.?

Hi all, thanks so much for your replies. It seems that the culprit was a drive containing a bootable clone of my Mac pre-Big Sur. I kept it on a partition on the same drive that did my time machine backups. Once I moved those off it seems that all is working just fine.

Jus tan FYI if anyone encounters this!

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Found a way to replicate this panic every time. I have the Caldigit 3 connected and an external display with HDMI.

  1. Lock the Mac with CTRL-CMD-Q
  2. Wait 20-30 seconds until external display goes to sleep (time is important here - if too fast, it will work without errors)
  3. Click the mouse to wake the Mac - now starts from zero with Apple logo (crash)
    —Click this link to see video of proces—
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