Key click sound app

I wear headphones and find myself pounding the keyboard to get auditory feedback.
I’m looking for an app that will generate key click (etc.) sounds when I type. Something like Noisy Typer (now deceased), or something configurable. I thought I remembered someone posting one here in the Discourse, but I can’t find it.

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JazzUp is a simple menu bar app that plays sound fx as you type.

Sound Themes:

  • Cherry MX™
  • Clacky (Mechanical)
  • Clicky (Scissor-Switch)
  • iOS
  • Spoken
  • Typewriter (Big)
  • Typewriter (Electric)
  • Typewriter (Small)

Download Here for free from Irradiated Software who also make other cool apps.


For well over a dozen years you’ve been able to use KeyClick, NoisyTyper or Typewriter Keyboard to do that. (I think I might have had KeyClick installed on Mac OS X 10.2). And TypewriterFX is a free, open source app for the Mac too.

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As someone who’s devices are almost always muted and with keyclicks (and animations) permanently turned off, this kind of thing breaks my brain.

But each to their own. This is about personalisation after all.

Oh I’m the same way. I would love to be able to turn my hearing off at will so I could not be distracted / annoyed by noise around me, and I tried one of these apps but didn’t last it 5 minutes.

Well worth the investment:

Well those are very nice and I’d love a pair (even with my AirPods Pro).

When I was working on my thesis, I bought a pair of these, which worked very well, although they are definitely less feature-rich :wink:


Recently purchased a license for Klack and it’s neat.

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Me too. It’s absolutely brilliant.