Key features in Alfred Powerpack?

One great feature not mentioned here I use all the time and would really miss:
File actions that can be triggered from within the Finder!
You can send files via email, move or copy them to another folder, open in a specific application, copy filepath to clipboard.
Things you can do with files, but just using your keyboard!

It’s under Features > Actions > Selection Hotkey

Regular situation at my old job:
Colleague: Don’t forget to send me that PDF.
Me: I already sent it to you.

It is so fast :slight_smile:
More time to do the real work or chat with your colleagues


Did not know about this. I’m on the free version and trying to see if I’d actually use features the power pack offers. Is this complicated to set up?

Is it difficult to set up a custom workflow?

very easy to do

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One cool trick there is that you can configure it to triggering on multiple presses of a key as the keyboard shortcut. I’ve set mine to hitting option key twice


That’s brilliant.
So, setting it like this means that if I have a file selected in FInder, double tapping ^ (control) opens up the Alfred options.

I never knew that was even possible!

It’s cool reading through this thread and finding out what Alfred has to offer. I’m a newbie when it comes to trying to streamline my workflow. I’ve checked on the Alfred website but can’t seem to find if it can automate my workspace. Can Alfred open several safari windows set to certain positions on my screen with their respective websites and open and position other apps like VS Code? I would love it if with a keystroke, all that could snap into place.
edit I found this:
Looks like what I’m looking for. But Can Alfred open specific websites when the browser is opened?

You can use the Open URL action, and attach one for each website.

Alfred doesn’t do window management. But you can set it up to call your window manager - I use Moom


@dfay thanks!

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I had no idea. I’m surprised there isn’t some text noting that on the Actions screen. Very cool.

Yep. Open URL Action:


Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 2.07.20 PM