Keyboard cover, would it avoid known issues with the butterfly keyboard?

I have a Macbook Pro 2018, it has of course, the butterfly keyboard. It has worked perfectly, no problem with sticky keys or anything.

However, even with Apple’s repair program, I am stressed that it can fail because of the problems we all have heard with the butterfly keyboards. I purchased a keyboard cover to protect it. I am able to type with the cover but it is not as comfortable as without it. I much more would prefer not to have it, but if somehow it improves the probability of not having the know issues with keyboard, I will use it. I am not sure it is really making a difference on this matter (it would help if liquid falls but it is not the point now).

Do you think there is any benefit on using this cover on the keyboard of my MacBook Pro to avoid the flaws of the butterfly keyboard? Perhaps it is the same chance with or without the cover. If the chance is the same, I will remove it.

Thank you.

The one I use seals the keyboard and no dust can get in. Apple say it’s dust that causes the issue, so it’s likely that it will prevent it. I had the inconvenience of having the keyboard replaced earlier this year and having no laptop for a few days was not a good experience.

On the other hand, typing is not as nice, I agree.

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I think that a cover might help to reduce the risk of getting the keyboard to fail.

Having said that I still would not like to use a cover because I do not want to alter the keyboard experience with a cover.

I own a Late 2016 13inch MacBook Pro. I have not had issues so far.

And if an issue will occur, I will have the keyboard replaced. I do not want to have a cover on all the time because it really is not the experience I would like to have. :slight_smile:

So, I guess, I will take the risk.


I would go without the keyboard cover. My son also has a 2018 and it has survived his first year of college without issue. I cautioned him not to eat anything over the keyboard. That is version 3 which has the membrane under the keys to help keep out debris. I believe it was iFixIt that did some testing and found that was pretty effective. Since then Apple has determined that some of the issues are caused by metal fatigue in the mechanism itself and the new 2019 version 4 keyboards have stronger metal components in them which your cover won’t help with.

It is obviously a personal decision and I’d go with whatever causes you the least stress :slight_smile:

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Thank you, this is quite good to know your experience! I think I will remove the cover, the typing experience is not good if I use it.