Keyboard for 2013 iMac

It’s a good thing I have an old USB keyboard from a previous life as a Windows desktop user – the keyboard that came with my 2013 iMac quit connecting with Bluetooth. I began using it about a year ago when my long-time favorite Logitech K811 keyboard decided it was no longer interested in recharging. I’m betting this is the first keyboard complaint for an iMac, ever!

My first choice would be to get a new K811, but I think in the intervening years since I bought the original, Logitech has realized how awesome it is and jacked-up the price to unreasonable levels, for my pocketbook anyway. My question is: If I don’t want the latest version of the Magic Keyboard (key travel, arrow key placement), what third-party Bluetooth keyboards under $100US, hopefully, would any of you suggest? This ancient PC keyboard is killing me.

I just checked amazon and saw some ridiculous prices on the K811. But it is available for $99.99 direct from Logitech.

I like a keyboard with a numeric pad so I picked up a couple of older worked Apple keyboards on eBay a few years ago. Don’t have to worry about Bluetooth problems. I also see them on Craigslist too.

Thank you! I should have looked at Logitech first.

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