Keyboard for iPad Pro 2nd gen 10.5

My husband’s origami keyboard is fraying badly and inconsistent when typing. I ordered this but it is unsatisfactory.
Any suggestions for something not expensive?

I’ve gotten a lot of use out of the Logitech SLIM FOLIO PRO Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd and 4th gen) - Graphite, but you’ll have to check if it works with his model.

It doesn’t, the 2nd gen 10.5” iPad Pro is of the old design:

However there’s a Logitech Combo Touch for the 10.5” iPad Pro (and the iPad Air 3), which based on two years of having one for the 5th gen 12.9” iPad Pro I would wholeheartedly recommend, but it’s not exactly cheap (or worth getting for an older iPad) so it probably does not fit the requirements.

I have that one and it just stopped working after updating to iOS 16. It was starting to lose connection sometimes already before, but after iOS 16, it just won’t work, no idea why.
The three dot connector is also not very reliable, of course. So maybe it’s a hardware issue but that would be a crazy coincidence.

I have been very happy with using regular (separate) Logitech bluetooth keyboards for my iPads. I either have my iPad on a small monitor arm, or with a simple folio propped up on a table.

Pros: better ergonomics, choose any keyboard you prefer, cost, not attached when you don’t need it
Cons: not always attached, require a mouse or trackpad in addition, requires more lap / desk space


I have an iPad Air with the Apple Smart Folio Keyboard, which is excellent, though pricey. And it broke on me a couple of weeks ago. Apple says they will replace it at no charge, which is nice. The new keyboard arrives in a few days.

Until then, I’m using an ancient ZAGG keyboard cover.

The keyboard works pretty well, but it’s designed for an older, slightly smaller iPad, which is esthetically annoying. I’ll live.

I have also used the Logitech K380 multi-device keyboard, and that is an excellent keyboard. However, you’’ll need a separate iPad stand; there isn’t on built in to the keyboard.

Also, this seems like it could be a good replacement for the Origami.

Looks cheaply made, but maybe it’s better quality than it looks. If it turns out to be rubbish, you’re only out $15.90.