Keyboard Maestro 11 is out

Keyboard Maestro 11 is out:


Thanks for the heads up! An instant purchase for me.

Of the new features, the Set Audio Device appears to be the most useful for me.


Perfect timing. I updated my Macs to Sonoma last night.

got my “Thank You”.


Very interested in digging into the new command line tool.

I wish TakeControl would do a book on KM… their DEVONthink book is tasty.


KM is the best ever. one of my favorite mac apps of all time.

I WISH they would add mouse scroll action triggers already. Dev says no and never will come :frowning:

Me too. And they are having a sale now. All books at $5.

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@Topre @macsorcery Are these books any good? I always thought they might be useful for beginners and most of the stuff can be found online. So curious…

Which ones did you like?

I’m not familiar with these books but heard good things about them. You can check the same topic I created on this. I ended up buying Shortcuts and Terminal books. We probably should discuss in that other topic so as not to derail KM 11.

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Thanks for the heads up … instant buy for me as well.

If I understand it correctly, the double (or triple) keypress trigger sounds intriguing - fantasizing about calling app specific KM palettes with a double press on caps-lock :blush:.


KM has a Keyboard Maestro Wiki that is really excellent and helped me sort out issues in complex macros I’ve built. A lot of the wiki was contributed by @JMichaelTX, of happy memory, who was one of the kindest, most engaged volunteer users of any software.



An insta-buy for me!

There’s a MacSparky Field Guide on KM…

Yes. I love how each action links directly to the wiki entry from within the app so you can go straight to it while you’re working. And the user forum is so good. Remarkably helpful users and engaged dev.


With so many KM enthusiasts around, let me, as a BetterTouchTool user, ask: what does KM give me that BTT doesn’t?

(I’m sure there are plenty of things, so let’s focus on some major ones! :slightly_smiling_face:)

For me it’s the scalability. I find it far easier to organise, store, retrieve and generally work on hundreds of macros with keyboard maestro than better touch tool.

On the other hand, better touch tool uses some undocumented APIs which enable features that KM will not do. E.g. hyper key without another app.

I feel that the answer is in the name of the product. If you use keyboard to do a lot of things, then use KM. If you use the Trackpad /gestures or mouse a lot, then BTT.

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I think this is generally a pretty big misnomer about BetterTouchTool. Yes it started as a trackpad app but right now I feel it offers so much more. Some features like floating view and custom menubar control it offers aren’t in KM. It also maps ⌥ and Fn key better. I have mapped Fn + to so many things. Why bother with Hyper key etc.

I still buy both of them as they are great apps, but only use BTT. It’s easier to manage everything in one app.

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I already have Alfred.
What would KM add to my stack?
I’ve watched lots of videos and read lots of posts, and they seem overlap each other.

They do, but I use both because I like how Alfred does snippets and other things but I like how Keyboard Maestro does macros (conflict palettes, for the win).