Keyboard Maestro discount?

So I finally bought the Keyboard Maestro Field Guide (an excellent purchase BTW) and now want/need to purchase the Keyboard Maestro program.

Wondering if anyone knows of any discounts, or coupons? I am running the free trial, which is be up shortly.

Thanks for any nudges.


While this isn’t a code, here’s a nudge: There are some people/companies/developers you feel you have to pay, and some you actually enjoy giving money because they do such a great job or make a big contribution to the world. For me, this is one of them.

Keyboard Maestro is a great, mature, product that is continually improved. It comes with a fantastic community of supporters, and an extremely responsive developer.



Thanks Evan…I’m there and will be buying KM…just seeing if I might be able to stretch my very limited and stretched-thin budget… :sunglasses:

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Seconding this. KM has great forum support too, and they help you with macro troubleshooting and such.

And once you buy the software once they do upgrade discounts.


I believe that LOF20 should get you 20% off.

(The second character is an uppercase “o” not a zero. The last character is a zero.)

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In addition to LOF20 from LearnOmniFocus, KMFG from MacSparky’s field guide offers 20% discount as well.