Keyboard Maestro Field Guide Problem

Is anyone having trouble viewing the Keyboard Maestro Field Guide, Section 9, Video 4 Palettes?

When I try to watch it, I get a message saying “Queued for processing…”. I have tried watching it with various browsers (Chrome, Safari and Brave) and the same message is displayed, which makes me think that there could be a problem with the video.

Yup. I ran into the same thing here and will let @MacSparky know.

In the meantime, you can use the ‘Download’ link at the bottom-left corner of the video to download it and watch it in VLC or some such.

Yep. Same here. @tjluoma thanks for alerting macsparky.

Gang, Not sure why this happened. I’ve got time blocked tomorrow for maintenance on that course. Should be sorted out by day-end tomorrow.


Hi @tjluoma, thanks for the advice, I have been able to download and view the video.

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Watching them in the parts above (rather than the amalgamated group) worked for me earlier… not sure if that will help?