Keyboard Maestro for Lawyers

I am a solo attorney without employees, like you David, and am always looking for automations to save time. I have been playing with Shortcuts (and got your field guide), but am considering Keyboard Maestro for automations on my office Mac. I can get the field guide and software and learn myself, but I am time crunched. I also learn better by seeing examples.

That said, is there a library of common keyboard shortcuts that I can use to get started that will unlock my brain to the possibilities? A repository somewhere? It would make things so much easier! Thanks!

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Have you checked out the KM forums? They have an actual sub-forum dedicated to useful Macros, which should give you some good ideas. The also have a Wiki that pulls in many of the above, running through the forum, which is an excellent resource.


I downloaded all the videos and then used VLC to play them. I play it at 1.4x speed to shrink the video playback time. You can find the sweet spot where he doesn’t sound like a chipmunk but can still be understood,

If you like to see by example, the video field guide works well for you.