Keyboard Maestro Hide All Apps when Idle then Show on Mouse or keyboard activity

Hi Everyone,

Using Keyboard Maestro, I’d like my mac to hide all windows and apps when idle but then revert to the view I had if the computer received any keyboard or mouse input. I also don’t want this input to constantly activate “show all windows.” I want this to happen once after windows have been hidden. Does that make sense?

I’ve figured out the first part, hiding all apps, but not the 2nd part, bring all apps back. Any ideas or suggestions?

Why do I want to do this? I have a calendar layer on my desktop, and I want the calendar to show as a reminder of upcoming meetings when I’m not active on my computer.

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 12.20.35 PM

have you also tried asking at the KM forum?

If you want to revert to a state (“the view I had if the computer received any keyboard or mouse input”) then you need to save the state and then restore the state.

Personally, not clear on what your requirement means, but you’d want to check if there is a way for KA to save active window state.

How do you have a calendar layer on your desktop?
Can that be replicated in a window that you bring to the front maximized, rather than hiding everything else?

I’m using Blotter. It overlays my calendar over my desktop image.

I could probably do what you suggested but using a calendar like fantastical. I still like the current look a little bit more.

I would say this is more a quality of life improvement than actual productivity. I’ll be greeted with nice background and reminder of my calendar. I included a screenshot to give a better idea of how the calendar layer looks on the desktop all apps/windows hidden.

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Or put the calendar app in its own space and swipe over to it. Or swipe over to an empty space and see Blotter.

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Even more better-er!

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I see. That is a nice aesthetic.

Would the show all applications KM macro bring back all of your previously hidden applications?

Using the tools that I have at my disposal, I would use Moom to save the current window layout before hiding them. KM should be able to script the navigation for saving the view, or maybe AppleScript. Assign the view to a hot key and use KM to fire it off when you want the windows back using whatever trigger you want.