Keyboard Maestro: Move & Resize Window to ACTIVE screen

Hi all,
Trying to free trial of KM. Moving windows and resizing them is super helpful so far! I use multiple screens, and I’d like to be able to put a window in a location (e.g. Left half) on the screen the window is currently on, rather than Front or External.

Is this possible?

Do you need to do this in KM? It’s easy to do with something like Spectacle. It’s not being maintained any longer, but it still works. There are other such things out there, too, but I’m used to Spectacle.

For example Moom and Divvy


Left-/right-, upper-/down-half (and more :slight_smile:) are all supported.

Here’s how you move a window to the left column with the Action “Move a Window”:

KM will do the math for you with various presets: Move a Window > Move and Resize > Left Column:

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Thanks - I’ve done this but it moves it to the “Main” window. I want to move it to the active display (i.e. where the window is already displayed).

I’ll check out the other apps, but if I am going to shell out for KM I’d rather do it in there rather than having multiple apps that can do the same thing.

You should be able to get what you want with the screen function FRONT or MOUSE as described in the Keyboard Maestro wiki.

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Yes! thanks - this is exactly what I needed.