Keyboard Maestro or Textexpander

Hi Folks, Haven’t really got a chance to delve into david’s keyboard maestro course yet in any detail. As my textexpander sub is due for renewal in a few weeks my question is this , can keyboard maestro perform the same tasks as textexpander , my needs are simple insert dates, times, email addresses etc. If I can ditch textexpander and just use keyboard maestro for everything ??? Any thoughts, Thanks guys

I suggest that you dive into this topic:

In the course of that thread you will find a discussion about Text Expander replacements. One option is Keyboard Maestro.

A lot can be found in the Keyboard Maestro forums:

Regarding the insertion of dates and times:

Almost everything can be done with Keyboard Maestro. The only question is if it should be done with this powerful automation tool.

I think that it comes down to the question to what extent you use text expansion and if you are using it on a Mac only.

To my mind, nothing comes close to Text Expander if you are a multi-platform user.

If you use TE exclusively on your Mac and if you are a heavy user of text expansion, Typinator might be a non-subscription alternative.

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Or aText, also mac only, and just 5 dollars

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I switched from TE to KM about a year ago and have been perfectly happy. It took me a bit of time to recreate my macros, but since I used the same abbreviations, my use experience has been transparent.

I have about 100 simple macros. I don’t miss the fancy form filling macros of TextExpander — I’d only made a few and was happy to save a few dollars by ditching TE.

It’s also worth mentioning that text expansion functionality exists in Alfred too, so if your needs are mostly in that vein then you may not need to bother with a separate app if you already use Alfred.

I was using aText until I realized this, but since I use Alfred anyway this is a more elegant solution for me.

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And you can do things with keystroke triggers and script filters in Alfred that go well beyond the capabilities of Other tools.

I was thinking about moving from TE but then I watched the Screencastsonline video on TextExpander. I realized how much capability that I could really use and was not taking advantage of. So now I am a user of both apps, each in their own niche.


I use keyboard maestro for things such as the link to email and date insertion, and Apple text replacement for everything else so replacements work throughout iOS. I use replacements a lot in iOS Safari, so TE is no use to me.

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Thanks to everyone who replied to this thread , some really great advice and links in there. All help appreciated, many thanks

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Does Keyboard Maestro sync snippets across Macs? ie if I automate something on my iMac, will the same automation be copied to macbook?

If you enable syncing: yes.