Keyboard Maestro question - arrange two apps in split screen

MacSparky did tit again - I bought Keyboard Maestro.

Now I would like to

  1. launch Mail and OmniFocus (also MacSarky’s fault…) and

  2. want to arrange them on my second screen (main screen is my laptop screen) so that

  3. they are in the split screen view (the one where I have effectively full screen with two apps) and OmniFocus left and Mail on the right.

I found out how to launch, but how can I put them into the split screen view? This idea for a macro was one of there reasons why I bought Keyboard Maestro…

Any suggestions?

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Using Move and Resize Front Window.

Left Side


Right Side


Thanks - but wouldn’t that just put the windows there and resize them? I would like to have that SViepw as described here

Ah, true split screens with full. I am not sure you can do that with the native move and resize. It might need AppleScript.

This is a great question and one that I have been struggling to find an answer to. I also own BetterTouchTool which can activate the split screen mode with a keyboard shortcut so I am working on using KM to open and arrange windows and then simulate the keystroke that will activate BetterTouchTools split screen keyboard shortcut. I am not sure if this will work but, I will report back if it does. In the meantime, I hope someone posts a better solution here.