Keyboard Maestro V9 RELEASED!

I’m irrationally very excited over this. And since I bought KM about a couple of months ago, I get a free upgrade (if you purchase after 1 Feb 2019, you will receive an email with the V9 license key), else, it is a paid upgrade ($25 only, but for a limited time due to product launch, it is just $18).

And it has DARK MODE. It’s beautiful…

For a VERY detailed list of what’s new, Peter N Lewis has posted a comprehensive list in the KM forum:


Does that coupon (KM9UPGRADE) work for you?

For me the upgrade price remains $25.

There’s an explanation here. I think you probably received free upgrade from V7 to V8 years ago, thus, you don’t get that limited time offer.

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No; I purchased an upgrade from V7 to V8 almost 2 years ago (for about €20).

Maybe I should just wait for the upgrade mail that will probably come in the next few days.

EDIT: Via the link below I received a personal coupon (at my personal email address) that does work


I really should have bought KM years ago. Now it turns out I bought v8 30 days too early :frowning:

I guess I’ll upgrade sometime, so I may as well do it for $18 now, with a (slightly) heavy heart. There’s nothing in there that screams at me to make it a must-buy, but I do want it to continue improving and supporting Catalina etc.


No, no no, if you buy after 1 Feb 2019, you get Free upgrade. I got a free code emailed to me… or you can check from the website:

Got my email from Stairways with a link to my discount code. The email says You can purchase your discounted upgrade to version 9 for $18 until 8 October 2019. Just purchased the license through FastSpring and immediately got my new serial number.

Instant purchase! :sunglasses:

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I bought it at the end of Dec…

Has anyone thought of any neat uses for the updated features? I am having trouble justifying the upgrade as I’m not sure I’ll use any of those actions! I might wait for v10.

How does KM differ from utilizing Hazel rules? Anyone have a link?

Here is a good link that talks about the differences: Musings: Hazel vs Keyboard Maestro


Keyboard maestro and hazel serve totally different purposes. You should try :slight_smile:

No mention about the new yet suddenly obsolete MacSparky Keyboard Maestro Field Guide.


Ha! I think David lucked out here… the UI is much the same, and there have been additions, but not subtractions, so he should be OK… which is good since he got hit with a major Shortcuts re-write already.


The new OCR features makes Keyboard Maestro a much more suitable (and already powerful) replacement for Hazel (I think). Fingers crossed the OCR works a treat.

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Yeah I think David lucked out. His guide really upped my game too on KM. In fact it is now a consideration for my next computer that it support KM9, probably will hold off the upgrade till then as long as this one works with Catalina. The basics, which are something of a learning curve on KM are fully covered by David. With a kind of instinct for what one needs to know: an instinct I wish I had.
Already touched some points with @tjluoma. I will say that the advice and help I got on this site has been invaluable.

Yeah, what’s up with that @MacSparky? :slight_smile:

(though I think it’s not a major upgrade, so he should be fine)

I want to play with the Streamdeck actions. I also want to play with OCR. And that’s just the 2 items I remember… :slight_smile:

I had never heard of Streamdeck before Keyboard Maestro announced support for it, and now I really, really want one.