Keyboard Maestro Video Field Guide Discussion

I have been anxiously awaiting its release today and just downloaded David’s new KM video field guide. I can’t wait to get started on it and thought it would be interesting to start a new thread for discussion as everyone who buys starts their journey through the field field guide!


PS: Loved the short video clip thanking me for the purchase!! David got chops! :grinning:


Thanks @Tim_B for starting this thread. I’m always hestitant to do too much “marketing” on these boards but I am really proud of the final product with the Keyboard Maestro Field Guide.

About that thank you video with the chops … That was a very last minute decision. I was practicing over the weekend and got thinking … “why not?” Glad you like it.

I can share here for the first time that I’m setting up an account so I can do a live Question and Answer session on Keyboard Maestro with up to 100 people. I’m planning on that for mid June, after WWDC and I’ll be sending out invites through the KMFG customer list.


Must agree – almost worth the purchase price alone!! :sunglasses:

I watched the promo last night and that Karabiner Elements trick to use the Caps Lock key could be huge if I understood it properly. The idea of using combinations of the CMD, CTRL, and ALT keys is always a confusing point for me and I’m guessing a lot of people.

If I can use the Caps Lock key with another key, that opens up a lot of options that would be easy to remember and easy to type.

I walk you through it in the keyboard triggers video. Enjoy.

Long time user of KM and learned a ton. Loved the videos. Well done. Instant purchase!

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Been waiting for this for awhile Mr Sparks - excites to go buy it. I have the iOS shortcuts field guide that I’ve yet to start but it looks like it will have to wait for KM!

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You must purchase the Keyboard Maestro from their web-site to get the discount ? Is that a one time fee? Correct.

Another question "What is KMFG customer list?

I guess it’s Keyboard Maestro Field Guide customer list :wink:

I never delved into KM, but I think that the FG will be a good reason to start tinkering with it :smile:

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Yes. Peter, KM Developer, was kind enough to give 20% off the Keyboard Maestro App to Field Guide customers. Just use the code “KMFG” at checkout for the Keyboard Maestro App to get the discount.

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I have no experience with coding, scripting, programming of any sort and I don’t have the time to learn given my other professional and personal responsibilities. Short of that, I would consider myself at least close to a power user. Would I benefit from keyboard maestro? I’m willing to invest in it and the guide if I thought that as a non-coding professional I could gain significant benefit from it. Any advice on this thread would be deeply appreciated.

I downloaded KM and it never did ask for CC information. So I would guess it has a free trial for so many days.

The discount code will be applied at check out? Which part-End? But after I enter the CC information, but the event 'time out". Will try later.

The download process was a snap, but the tutorial would not accept the F6. So I used another key. That was a mistake. Anyway it appear I will be ordering your KMFG.

Hey David, I’m going to have a few hours on Air Travel and look forward to use this time to watch your newest creation.

However, Brazillian airlines don’t have great internet on board and it would be better if I could download the videos and watch them offline.

I found an option to download every single “chapter” on, but not an option to download all videos at once. Would it be possible? Or should I try to create a Keyboard Maestro Macro to do this repetitive work of downloading every single chapter and moving to the next?

Many thanks and keep up the great work!

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There’s an option to download the files main chapter wise. So it’s only 8 or 9 to download.

Great, where can I find it?

Edit: My bad: Video 6 on Chapter 1 addresses just that! Chapter 9 has all the 8 videos for download. Thanks @MacSparky

What is annoying you?
What do you do that is repetitive?

I use KM for:

  • starting the vpn I use with school. It opens the client, enters my username, password, and ‘push’ for secondary password, so I can use Duo Mobile on my watch to confirm. If it’s already running, pressing the same key combination disconnects and quits the vpn.
  • ddd expands to the date with dashes, ddt expands to date and time, dds to date with slashes
  • I enable a character macro palette, then I can type :a: to insert and alpha, :b: to insert a beta, etc. If I’m using Texpad, I have a palette with the same shortcuts that expand to their LaTeX commands, so :a: would expand to \textalpha .
  • I have a palette of tags I use in my ref manager software. I click in the tags field, then pop open the palette and it types in a tag that I click on followed by a tab to the next field.
  • I like to clean up and edit text in Textmate. I can highlight some text in, say, MATLAB, press Ctrl+Opt+Cmd+M and the text will be copied, Textmate will be opened (or brought to the front), and the text will be pasted into the window. When I’m finished editing, Cmd+A to select all, Cmd+C to copy, Cmd+Tab back to the other app, and Cmd+V replaces the text I highlighted with the text I edited. It goes much faster that explaining it in words.
  • abbreviations: .sm sensorimotor, .ss somatosensory, .nb neurobehavioral, etc.
  • Quit everything menu command that closes all programs except Fantastical (which stops updating and reminding if you quit it).

I think anyone would benefit from using KM – but being more of an advanced user is a definite advantage, but only inasmuch that ‘power users’ generally tend to use their Macs ‘more’ – which means there is ‘more’ that KM can be utilised in!

I too have very limited coding expertise, but can confirm what it’s certainly not a prerequisite for putting together some very useful macros inside KM. That being said, there are some incredibly generous folk over at the KM forums – so often, when scripting would have been a nice fit inside something I was trying, there were many occasions where scripts were readily shared, or even created from scratch to assist.

The way I think of it, is that Hazel takes care of my tedious filing requirements.
TextExpander takes care of ‘tedious’ text-based requirements.
KM takes care of just about everything else, in regards to what one actually ‘does’ on the Mac.
That’s quite an oversimplification – but it’s more or less accurate.

So, in short, think you would absolutely benefit spending some time working through @MacSparky’s guide, and dabbling a bit in creating some basic KM macros to take care of those ‘simple’, but repetitive tasks. Once that penny has dropped, your macros will probably just keep propagating over time!

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Can KM be used for text expansion? If yes, any advantages to using it over Text Expander or vica versa?

My understanding is that Text Expander is not system wide. The developer has to make the app comparable with it.

TE on the Mac is certainly system-wide – at least – I’m struggling to think of an application where it doesn’t work?

That said, I think your comment might stem from what you heard about the iOS equivalent of TE. Apart from the TE keyboard, which is not particularly good, unfortunately – for the text snippets to automatically expand within other iOS apps – they need to be integrated with TE (as in, that developer must enable the two-way communication, it is not automatic due to sandboxing etc.).

Regarding your first question — KM can be used for text expansion.

During TE’s switch to subscription mode, there were a bunch of users who didn’t want to go that route, and started looking around for alternatives.
There are some text-expansion standalone apps that are not subscription-based, that some moved to. Others started looking at options such as Alfred (the launcher), that can also do text-expansion – and of course, KM.

With the exception (possibly?) of Typinator, most of those options – not being dedicated text-expansion apps – are always going to be a less feature-rich.
However, that would be completely dependent on what type of text-expansion one is looking for, and how advanced it needs to be.
I stuck with TE, since I had already put in hours creating my library – and despite being able to get it out of TE – I was quite happy with it as a product. I found their support to be quick, and the editor (where one constructs the snippets) to be very user-friendly.

I also appreciated the notification pop-up that reminds me when I have typed something I already have a snippet for, or suggests a snippet when it notices I have repeatedly typed the same word/phrase within a specific period of time – AFAIK, those features are only available in TE.
The above is why I opted to keep using TE.

That said, pretty sure others will have compelling reasons for why they moved away from TE – not suggesting that wouldn’t be the case!

Coming back round to your question again – KM can do text-expansion, but whether it should, or whether or not it will be the ‘best tool’ for you, will depend completely on what it is that you are looking for.


Wow that is a fantastic answer! More than I expected :grinning:

I’ll give KM text expansion a go as it’s an app good for other functions also and if I NEED more than I’ll look at TE.

Looks like I got confused about iOS vs Mac functionality, glad it is system wide on the Mac.