Keyboard Needed! backlit, bluetooth, num pad... under $100. anyone?

My keyboard has finally died after a decade of solid use. I pulled out my old iMac keyboard which is way too loud when I type on a conference call. I’m probably getting a new Macbook Pro in the next 6 months so I’d like to buy something futureproof. At the moment, I’m using a mid-2010 MBP in clamshell with an external monitor.

I’d like a bluetooth keyboard so I can type in my lap while reclined in my office chair, backlit as I tend to work late and live in the Northeast where it will soon be dark by 3:30pm.
I work with numbers a decent amount so a number pad would be almost mission critical as well.

Any suggestions?

Matias make some of the best

I don’t think you are going to get a name brand for that price.

See if a PC gaming keyboard ($100 for the ones recommended by Wirecutter) is Mac-compatible

Oh! I think this has an easy answer. Logitech’s newest keyboard is both wireless (with a receiver dongle) and bluetooth, has a number pad, and is backlit.

($130 CAD is around $100 USD, I think.)

I used the predecessor and the key mechanism was really nice, too. Sorta mechanical feeling without being loud.


If you can wait, back this keyboard. They first keyboard is great.

not a fan of dongles but i did come across this one and it’s a contender. thanks!

do you think November delivery is a possibility? been burned by some kickstarter projects…

It has bluetooth, too, though—you can choose which to use!

Those guys are great, and they delivered their previous Kickstarter on time. They already have their production lines. I wouldn’t have recommended them except for being really professional.

I bought the MX - this is the best keyboard I’ve ever owned. I love how subtle the backlights turn on.

Returned a Razer Blackwidow elite keyboard–I thought i was mechanical clicky keyboard gal … but while I love the springy feel of the keys and of course the rainbow lights were cool… oh that clicky clack sound drove me up the wall LOL and you could hear it on recordings.