Keyboard Shortcut for Moving Windows Between Displays

I have a keyboard shortcut that lets me use macOS’s built in “Window >> Move to Built-in Retina Display” menu item. Unfortunately, not all apps have this menu item so it doesn’t work consistently.

I’ve noticed that applications that don’t have this menu item do still have the command available in the window’s zoom button popover:

This menu item knows about the keyboard shortcut, but the window doesn’t respond to it. Any ideas how to fix this?

I am using an app called Rectangle, which manages that for me. Actually I am using it for this exact reason.

I’ve experimented with using the built-in window management options to move windows between displays but didn’t find it as flexible as I would have liked.

Moom works well for this and many other window management activities. For example, I configured Moom to move the active window between my two displays, resizing it proportionally when I press ⌃⌘↩. It works like a charm!

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The functionality is also built into Raycast, and you can assign arbitrary keyboard shortcuts to it.


This works exactly the way I want it to. Thanks!