Keyboard Shortcut to Minimize all windows

Anybody? Do I need an app?


It will require the mouse, too, but if you can type Command+Option and click anywhere on the desktop, that will minimize everything. If your apps are maximized, though, that won’t help. You could also use Hot Corners, or the Show Desktop feature in Mission Control

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In keyboards with the Globe key, :globe_with_meridians:+H, will show the Desktop. Pressing it again, will bring the windows back as they were.

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Thanks that is useful. Would be awesome if that could be modified to keep the most recent active window open and minimize all others.

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Isn’t that what OPT+CMD+H does?


Nice! Thank you! I will definitely make use of this shortcut to stay focussed on the task at hand.

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I also just discovered clicking on a dock icon with OPT+CMD will open the application and close all other windows. Another way to achieve the same thing.