Keyboard Shortcut to open URLs

Is there any way to use keyboard shortcuts to open up a series of websites in Safari or Chrome? I’ve tried using Better Touch Tool but haven’t been able to figure out a good way of doing so!

Depending on the problem you are trying to solve, PopClip may be useful to you.

Very handy application. I frequently use the “Open in Safari” or “Open in Chrome” extension.

Useful out-of-the-box. However, if you are curious and adventurous, it’s not too hard to create your own custom extensions.

Hope this helps

Is it the same series of websites every time? If so this is something that Keyboard Maestro can accomplish fairly easily.

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Alfred would also be able to do this rather easily.

Yes, KM and Alfred could be good options too depending on the OP use case(s)…

A couple options:

  1. (requires mouse/trackpad use but…) if you create a bookmarks folder with all the URLs you can right click the folder and select ‘open in new tabs’.

  2. (I experimented with this one as I was curious), I created a text file called ‘’ (saved in my home folder), put this in it:
    open -a safari ‘
    open -a safari ‘
    open -a safari ‘
    open -a safari ‘

from the terminal run chmod u+x (this makes the script executable).
from the terminal run ./
Safari will appear with each of the URLs open in a new tab (you may need to check your safari settings about opening links).

Can you tell us more about the problem you’re trying to solve (rather than the solution you’re seeking), it might yield some better answers. For example, why the keyboard shortcut requirement, is this due to hardware failure or due to user physical disability? How many URLs are you trying to open? Are the URLs always the same? Where do they come from, is your plan to type them in or are they already in a text file or something? Why do you need them opening all together? Are they actually pages you want open in safari or are they web method calls to trigger an action else-where and will only be closed again straight away; in which case ‘curl’ from a command line might work better for you?

I think even without a fixed set KM could do this as long as it could get a lst as input from a textfile or the clipboard.