Keyboard Shortcut to send email with attachment

I’m looking for a way to be able to select one or more files (usually a pdf) and hit shortcut on MacOS and have that file included in a new email.

There is a share to new email when right-clicking a file, so I’m guessing this is possible without a third-party app.

Any suggestions on how to set this up?

My suggestion would be to use LaunchBar and its “SendTo” feature.

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If you’re using the stock Mail app, you can create an Automator/Applescript workflow:

If you’re not using the stock mail app it might be built-in. Mailplane and Kiwi, for example (both for Gmail,) appear in the pop-up right-click Share menu in the Finder.

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in mojave you can use the quick action in the finder and link that to an automator action to send the email with the selected files attached.
I have one like that on my system.

create quick action in automator -> action receives files and folders in finder -> create new email -> add files to email in foreground -> done

or when you have Keyboard Maestro you can create a shortcut to do exactly what you want.

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