Keyboard Shortcuts - (Any Protocols? Customising the Services List)

As a result of 20 years of mouse clicking, I have found it difficult to use keyboard shortcuts as much as I would like. As ridiculous as it sounds I have not been able to relate/comprehend the basic keyboard symbols, command, shift control etc. A review just out, about the MacAlly Keyboard who have placed the symbols on its keyboard seems something that might help me. [Am I the only one who has this silly problem?] The other issue I have with Keyboard shortcuts is I often run into conflicting shortcuts; and thought surely someone has developed some sort of protocol or system to creating shortcuts, but I have never come across this in my searches. Also on this theme, Services is very handy with its ability to create keyboard shortcuts, but the services menu gets very unwieldy and items “randomly” listed and there doesn’t appear to be any way of restructuring its menu.

Interested to hear others observations around these issues, … :slight_smile:

I’d recommend trying out

I agree, Services needs a better interface than what’s available in System Preferences.


I think the key is to pick one or two keyboard shortcuts and use them until they second nature and then pick one or two more. Trying to learn multiple shortcuts simultaneously doesn’t work well. I assume you already use command-x/c/v for cut/copy/paste but if not that would be the obvious place to start.

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You might find useful this thread:


I’ve used this one for years and it was instrumental in my move from PC to Mac.

It takes a bit of time, but mastering shortcuts comes down to muscle memory after a couple weeks of using them consistently. I have shortcuts that I’ve used for so long (like adding cropped screenshots to clipboard) I’ve had to actually watch my fingers as I’m doing it in order to teach others how to use it!

Really great advice. Mastering a new one every couple weeks = 26 shortcuts mastered in a year :sunglasses:

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