Keyboard shortcuts for launching apps

Bit embarrassing this one…

I’ve have set up a keyboard shortcut on my Mac which launches a number of apps. I did it a while ago for the apps I used each morning, so I’ll turn on my machine and bosh… they’d launch.

Here’s the thing: I now need to get rid of it and I can’t remember how I have done it. I haven’t set it up using either BTT or KM.

What else can I check?

Thanks all!

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Are they in your login items?
System Preferences | Users & Groups

Thanks for the response.

Nope. Not there!

If it helps, by way of background, my shortcut is command+shift+L, which launches Outlook, Calendar, Notes and Reminders.

you didn’t do this via Moom? (snapshot and applescript to launch the apps?)

Nope. Don’t have Moom.

Are you using Brett Terpstra’s Bunch app?

Give Shortcut Detective a try. It will identify who is getting the shortcut in most cases, and It’s helped me in the past.


Try Shortcut Detective on the labs page here

Depending on where your shortcut was created, it can identify the app when you trigger it.


Great minds…

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Thanks so much!! Just what I needed.

Thanks so much. Just what I needed.

So just curious, what was it that you used originally to create that shortcut?

it was an Alfred workflow!

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