Keyboard suggestions for specific needs

I just went back through the Mechanical Keyboard thread but I still haven’t found what I’m looking for (h/t to U2)

This is for a Mac Mini. I want:

  • Wireless
  • Tactile feedback
  • Quiet as possible
  • Keys that duplicate Mac keyboards exactly
  • NO 10-key

Can’t seem to find all those in one keyboard…(also under $100 if possible)

To clarify: must be mechanical (and quiet) or simply requires decent feel/feedback?

Not an answer to your query, and you may already know this, Keychrom is having a sale which ends today (April 7) at midnight.

They have:

  • Wireless
  • non-10 key
  • Apple key layout (no touch sensor of course)
  • Tactile feedback as they are mechanical
  • multiple switch options, some quieter than others

Best of luck in your search.

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You might look at the Logi MX Mechanical Mini or the NuPhy Air75. They both have Mac keys although I don’t think the top function row is exactly the same as a Mac keyboard on either. They also both have options with Brown switches. I have the tactile version of the MX Mechanical Mini and it’s pretty quiet but it’s still much louder than a normal keyboard IMO.

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Pending the answer to my question above, I was also going to recommend that one. If mechanical isn’t essential, Logitech has cheaper options as well.

If mechanical is a requirement, there’s nothing to stop you building your own… :grimacing: Then you can have whatever keys and switches you feel like. [Hard to do that under $100, and it’s not complex, but does take time if you get stuck.] Not all keysets include Mac keys, so you have to plan carefully (or think creatively, e.g. using pictorial keys for Mac-specific buttons).

Anyway, just throwing it out there…


I’d like a bit more feedback than a typical Mac keyboard, but not too much.

OK, Keychron K3 v2 on order. Will report back later…

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Keychron K3 v2 is up and running. Very nice! More action than standard Apple keyboard, more travel, but so quiet! I’m a fan…


What colours switches did you get?

[Repeats to self: you do not need another keyboard… wanders off to “just look”…]


Brown, according to the Amazon listing

Follows @Pupsino … just to look … :grimacing:

I’ve been using this for a few days and it feels great; thank you for mentioning it! I’d also been wanting “magic keyboard except mechanical” for awhile and bounced off some other options. So far the wifi receiver feels functionally equivalent to wired, like a Logitech does.

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