Keyboard Upgrade

My K760 has run it’s course.

I had thought of getting a K2 to replace it, but after years of typing on laptops and the K760, I think that I made the correct decision in getting the low profile K1.


I’ll be interested to hear how you like mechanical switches after using a membrane for so long.

I went with the brown switches. It could just be that I’m new to them, but I like the crisper response. It throws me off a bit that the keys aren’t in exactly the same place. I don’t think that it will take me too long to adjust, though. When typing with just the keyboard on my desk, I can feel a little bit of strain in my arms, but not too bad. I imagine that feeling will go away shortly.

When I am working, I have a 12” Wacom Cintiq on my desk that I usually mirror to my other monitor and use like a tablet with the keyboard behind it. The K760 is too short, and I had to prop it up with a notebook to match the height to the Cintiq. Even though it has low profile keys, the K1 is taller and matches up perfectly.

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I’ve been thinking about the low-profile Keychron as a call-friendly alternative to my very clicky Massdrop Alt. Hmm…