KeyChain Access - alternatives?

Currently our office is a mostly Mac shop (yay) and we’ve used a shared keychain on a shared drive (Dropbox) as a common repository for storing of credentials - common ones like the credentials for test systems etc.

Lately we’ve had a few new staff and someone are on PCs so they cannot access these credentials. We’ve also moved to OneDrive corporate wide and we’ve had some issues with duplicate / conflict saves of the keychains on OneDrive, so we are looking to a cross platform tool for teams to store passwords. Being a big corporate now - we will have hoops to jump through to get software approved so I’m wondering what suggestions people have for this task?

Maybe 1Password with its teams / collaboration?

Any other alternatives?

Yep 1Password for teams :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If looking to keep using a similar setup, I’d switch to a Keepass file, synced by Dropbox. The Mac users can use MacPass and the Windows users can use Keepass or whatever client they prefer. If you elect to move to a more expensive solution like 1Password in the future, export/import is pretty easy.

I would not consider the expense of a few $ over the security of the files.
The teams version allows a much better control over who has access to what.
Also hosting on the iCloud server is a bit more secure then Dropbox…


Bitwarden is cheaper than 1Password (which I also like a great deal) but provides the vast majority of the necessary feature set. As for KeePass, it’s a good alternative for techies but hard to “sell” to others. By coincidence, I just issued a post about this sorta stuff:

All good points—we use teams at work ourselves. The current keychain solution’s security and portability must be working for them on some level. Hence the suggestion of a direct replacement. Dropbox can’t access Keepass content due to the encryption on the file.

Imagine simeone downloading the file from drop box and then uses ccracking tools on it.

Discovered that we have available which is also cross platform.

Being a small company purchased by a larger multi-national we need to jump through hoops to get software approved, also DropBox is not a supported cloud platform - we used to be on it but now on OneDrive.

Gave it a test drive and it meets the needs so think we have a winner here. Pity I can’t export all the entries in KeyChain Access though…

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