Keychron K2 Christmas

Hey Power Users. My wife got me a Keychron K2 for Christmas. It has the red switches. I may eventually change those out for something a little more clicky but they are good for now. One question I wanted to ask is: Has anyone else noticed issues with the bluetooth connection between the K2 and their Mac? I am running an M1 MacBook Air and it seems like I get a lot of lag and some dropped connection to often for my liking. Is this normal or could it maybe be environmental to my desk? I really like the keyboard and want it to work. So have any of you experienced or heard of issues like this?



As I understand it, the default behavior for all Keychron keyboards is to go to sleep after ten minutes of inactivity when in Bluetooth mode. This causes the keyboard to disconnect each time. You then need to wake it up (by pressing any key), wait a few moments for it to reconnect, and then you can resume using it. I found this very annoying and disabled sleep (fn-S-O on mine, check your manual in case not all models are the same). This alleviated any issues I was having. When I’m away from my desk for extended periods, I simply switch the physical switch from Bluetooth to off so as not to drain the battery unnecessarily. Its easy to tell if it is off/on as the backlights for the keys go off when Bluetooth is off (assuming you have backlights set to be always on as I do).

I’ve got the K8 and as @waylan said, it goes to sleep after 10 mins of inactivity, although I believe you can prevent that if you want to.

I don’t particularly have a problem with that, but my issue is more with how long it takes to wake up and then re-connect. I also find it a little unreliable and there have been times when I’ve been presenting where the connection just hasn’t worked and I’ve had to switch the bluetooth on and off and re-connect the keyboard manually.

I now leave it always plugged in whenever possible.