Keynote 11.2 adds lots of features for virtual presenting, collaborative presenting, etc

Live video overlays from one or more cameras, share iPhone or iPad screen, take turns controlling presentations, etc.


I wish the new company I worked today uses Keynote. My previous employer allows us to use any apps we like. Since most of the company uses Macs and a about ⅓ uses Windows (they need access to Nielsen hence Windows), Keynote was our preferred app for presentation. You can create simple and complex animation, you can drag and drop vector files, image quality doesn’t degrade when you upscale and you can show your slides on every Mac running Keynote.

Anyway, I just want to say, I hate Powerpoint ugh.

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Live video is a pretty huge win in my book. I have been toying around with the app mmhmm and have been enjoying it a ton. One of the features was the ability to move around the screen without much fuss. I create most teaching slides in keynote, so if it gets me halfway there, I’m happier (just in case Apple needed my approval lol).