Keynote: Access custom Template in iOS?

I created a custom template in Keynote on my Mac. I can’t find a way to access my Keynote templates in iOS. Are they accessible in iOS? Thanks in advance for your help.

I wish Apple would save templates to iCloud as a default. That would solve this problem for those of us who use multiple computers/platforms.

The easiest way, assuming you’re using iCloud, would be to open (on your Mac) a document with the theme you want to transfer, and then save it as a template to iCloud. (File -> Save Theme -> Save and then pick the location where you want it, probably the iCloud Keynote folder.) Then open Keynote on your iPad and open the template.

You could also grab an existing template file in the finder and move it to iCloud. Here is where you’ll find the templates in High Sierra:

~/Library/Containers/ Support/User Templates/

You can transfer them by AirDrop, a message, email. If you’re not using iCloud you could also sync the file using iTunes.

Good luck!

Thank you, this is very helpful and much appreciated!

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You’re welcome! But, boy wouldn’t it be sweet if templates just synced globally by default, or if there were an option to do so in the settings?

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