Keynote accessibility (subtitles)

I just learned that PowerPoint has a subtitle setting that will transcribe what you’re saying (and anyone on a Zoom call is saying) on the fly. Occasionally I work with people that are hearing impaired and this would be a game changer. I don’t see a way to do this in Keynote, which is my daily driver. Does anyone know a way to bring subtitles to the Apple Keynote App?? PowerPoint has had this ability for at least a year.

I found this thread that is 9 months old: Keynote Live Captions for hearing impaired - Apple Community

Looks like Zoom has live transcription.

According to the video on the link you just shared someone has to manually type in the transcription. Also, it doesn’t have the alternate language options. With PowerPoint it does this automatically from whomever is speaking. PowerPoint’s method is much easier, especially for solo presenters.

The page discusses how to enable live transcription, which account types it is available for, etc.
They seem to present it as a last resort, with limitations.

No, Keynote doesn’t have this feature. I lecture to lots of non-native audiences in English, and this means I can still keep the text on my slides to a minimum. The transcriptions are perfect 99% of the time (at least for me), the only times it fails is when I use complex names and technical terms. It is an astonishingly good technology.

Oh yes. I have looked into those options before. The limitations are significant. I was really looking for a built-in suggestion similar to PowerPoint’s offerings. Thanks.

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So does that mean you export from Keynote to PowerPoint and present in PowerPoint to use their transcription service?