Keynote crashes when opening Powerpoint files

Since version 9.1 for MacOS, I think Keynote crashes whenever I open it by double-clicking on a powerpoint presentation. And the annoying thing is, after the crash re-starting Keynote can be very temperamental.

Has anyone else come across this?

I’m wondering if there’s some kind of cache/settings file or folder that I can delete to get Keynote to rebuild things? Or I delete keynote (not sure the best way to do that) and re-install from the MAS?

Could the problem be the PowerPoint file? Re-save it in PowerPoint then bring into Keynote?

I don’t think so, it’s any powerpoint file.

At the moment the problem has been solved by deleting Keynote (using App Cleaner) and reinstalling from the App Store. Hopefully the problem’s gone for good.

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