Keynote Handouts (Attendee Notes Pages)

In Keynote, I sometimes need to print notes pages for attendees to take notes on. I use a lot of slides, and I don’t want unnecessary slides on my handouts. In order to make the printout look the way I want, I have to go through my entire slidedeck and “skip” the slides I don’t want to print, then print, and then go back and “unskip” the slides. It is a lot of clicking and fiddling. Is there an easier way? Am I missing something? What I want is an indicator of “never print this slide when printing notes pages” or something like that. As I tend to duplicate prior Keynotes and make adjustments for future audiences and future presentations, this kind of indicator would ideally replicate to the new presentations as well.

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I’m also looking for this feature. I have the same problem and haven’t found a smart solution.