Keynote Movies & Subtitles

Hi all. I’m having trouble with something that I think should be simple. I downloaded a YouTube video and in QuickTime I can select English or Spanish subtitles. Depending on my audience, I want to switch which subtitles I use for the video. What I want to do in Keynote is have the same video on two slides, one with English subtitles, and one with Spanish subtitles. That way before the presentation I can quickly show/hide the video I need for that audience.

The problem is, when I change the subtitles on one slide (in QuickTime), it changes on the other. I’ve tried duplicating the original .mp4 file and changing the names of the file but it’s still happening.

I would try this:

  1. Duplicate videos.
  2. Remove English subtitles in the first one and Spanish ones in the other video. You can use free app called Subler to do that. Alternatively you could try trimming a fraction of a second in the duplicated copy and see what happens.
  3. Add those two files to Keynote to the appropriate slides.
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Thanks @winmaciek. Something really weird is going on and I don’t think it’s related to Keynote at all. I used Subler as you suggested. I think the problem might be with my QuickTime. Every time I try to save as QuickTiime it kicks up an error. Duplicating in the Finder works, but then when I change subtitles it changes them in all versions.

Somehow I was able to get a non-subtitled version and a Spanish subtitled version in Keynote. I was hoping for and Eng subtitled version, but I may have to let that go. I’m not sure why it’s so finicky. Any other ideas?

It’s a bit unintuitive at first but in Subler you need to remove a track rather uncheck it. Then you can save without that other subtitle file inside.

The behaviour of your system seems a bit weird, I agree.

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