Keynote stuck in dark mode on iPad

Hi everyone. I’m struggling with the Keynote app on my iPad Pro. It’s “stuck” in dark mode even though the iPad itself and all other apps are in light mode. It makes it hard to see my presenter notes. I’ve tried all the regular things including rebooting. Any ideas how to fix?

Does anyone have any ideas on this? Did Keynote change a while back with an upgrade? Because now Keynote is in dark mode on both my iPad Pro and iPad mini.

Same question, how do I turn on light mode???

There’s no light mode in Keynote; it’s designed to be in dark mode only.

Sigh, so stupid (and, in my opinion, bad design)

@dario thanks for jumping into the conversation. I agree with @jemostrom, this is stupid. I design Keynotes on the Mac, but present from my iPad using it for my presentation notes. I like to highlight super important things so I remember them, but the highlighted notes are impossible to see in dark mode. I’m running the latest OS, so I guess Apple did this on purpose. Ugh