Keynote to Pages

Is anyone aware of a utility that helps convert/export a Keynote file to Pages? Thanks!

– mike

I don’t know if an easy way. In the past I’ve converted to PDF then use Acrobat to create a word file, then I’ve opened the word file in pages. I’m sure you could automate this somehow but I rarely need to do it and this does work.

What do you want as an end result?

For example: I do have a script that extracts speaker notes from Keynote and saves them as a text file. Should be fairly easy to save as a Pages doc instead.
Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for though?

The desired end result is to convert content “trapped” in Keynote, especially the text, to Pages, with as little manual labor in re-writing and formatting as possible. – mike

I all you want is the text, and the PDF option provided by @Rob_Polding is not to your liking, you could export the Keynote to Powerpoint, then export the Powerpoint to RTF, then open the RTF in Pages. It’s ugly, but you’ll get all the text.

Personally, I think the PDF option is quicker and easier.

See also

Even if you don’t want to end up in Markdown the scripts there should be easily modifiable to output to Pages.