Keynote to PowerPoint

I’m looking for a quick workflow to export my keynote presentations into PowerPoint.

The catch is that a simple export is not sufficient because I often use custom fonts and present from other computers…usually windows.

Currently I export the slides as images, and then create a a new presentation from those images and then finally export as PPTX. That process has a lot of steps and leaves a lot of unnecessary files as well.

Any ideas to make it a more efficient process?

Do you need presenter notes? And do you need to make any further edits in PPT? If not, why not just export as a QuickTime video?

If you have the font on your computer, the font should also be available in PowerPoint.

Then in Powerpoint preferences, I think, under Save there should be an option to embed fonts so the fonts are available on any computer.

I can’t remember if you still need to use Any Font to install the font on iOS too.

I find it easiest to export to PDF then run the PDF in Slideshow mode. I do this as an emergency backup that will run on any computer, even if I’m presenting in Keynote or PPT.

I second that. The only downside is that you’ll lose any transitions, movements, audios and videos.

I’ve taken a different route on presentations. I no longer use slides for many of my recent presentations and when I do I use only a few slides with relatively little text. I’ve found my delivery is better and I can engage better with my audience. If details are needed I share a digital document AFTER the presentation. I know this is not directly related to your question and that some presentations need slides but as a general point, I think we over use presentation apps.

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This sounds like the ticket. I’ll give it a shot! Thanks