Keys on Apple wired keyboard stopped functioning

One of our wired Apple keyboard has a collection of keys which are no longer functional. Some are on the top row as well as Delete, Return and a handful of others. This model is a A1242. We are very fond of this compact wired model.

What causes this anomaly? I am thinking best to replace rather than repair. I have also heard there are some tinkerers and folks who favor reducing waste on this list. Looks challenging to open. What possible solutions exist to repairing it?

Are you against buying a wireless keyboard?

It could be a failing circuit board, or it could be accumulated debris that has fallen into the keybed. Try placing the keyboard perpendicular to a surface with a folded towel to protect it as you carefully thump it on the toweled surface (bottom, sides and top) to see if you can loosen debris.

I’d try cleaning it out with a can of compressed air. I’ve got at least one of every Apple keyboard made in the past 15 years or so, wired and wireless. Crazy since I don’t really like any of them! The A1242 is nice in that it is compact, has no battery concerns, and fairly decent key travel. The big issue with all the aluminum ones is that they can’t really be repaired

They do last a long time, though. I’m currently using a wired extended keyboard, left over, I think, from a 2012 Mac mini. Not my favorite keyboard - I’m eventually going to get another wired mechanical unit when the mood strikes - but it’s solid and keeps up with my typing. My iMac came with a wireless basic keyboard but it has less travel and I miss the numeric keypad; the last time I used it was to type in the backyard with my iPhone a year ago.