Khit's Home Office Setup

Here’s my home office setup! I’m a data visualization consultant and travel a lot but otherwise, I “pay for my shoes” (as David says) right here. A big screen is probably the most important aspect to me. I hope Apple makes a display SOON!

Mounted under desk

  • Server: Mac Mini (newest gen but not even linking given how old it is)
  • Cable Management: IKEA SIGNUM

Things I like most about this setup

  • Only one USB-C cable to plug MacBook into for power, video, data.
  • The laptop shelf elevates my laptop to a better height and the keyboard can easily be slide under it to make room for non-computing tasks.
  • Room beneath the external monitor to put iPad and other items.

Photo taken with iPhone X (not on the iOS 12 beta, but so tempted!). Desk is from West Elm but I don’t believe they make it anymore.

Open to any suggestions for improvements! Let me know if you have questions about any of the above!