Kindle notes export

While this has been covered in the past, I am opening a new thread since it has been over a year and I don’t think there had been a good workflow described for kindle book notes not bought through amazon.

I read almost all of my books in the kindle app, and they are not natively bought on kindle (I use calibre to convert as a lot of my older books were in .lit format from microsoft I believe, and have an assortment of epub and mobi I have acquired with textbooks as formats have changed). Most of the software people seem to use (aka readwise, bookcision, knote, etc) all work fine for kindle native books, but doesn’t help me. The clippings.txt file doesn’t seem to exist on ios/ipados/macos only the actual kindle device so makes this a no go for me.

My current workflow is to take the kindle app → export highlights which emails a .html file → send to → import to devonthink → share to “print” on ios → zoom in on pdf and re-save to devonthink as pdf.

I tried using obsidian with markdown and hate marking up highlights in markdown (and its much worse to try to do this in devonthink to go). I would probably prefer rich text if possible (allows highlighting and changing text color), but I haven’t come up with a way to make it readable without doing a lot of manual labor (DT or DTTG will convert markdown to rich text but you basically just get a rich text file with all the markdown text still in it needing cleaned up), so I have been living with converting to pdf to highlight.

Does anyone have a good workflow that allows exporting kindle highlights from ios/ipados to get to another format (ideally rich text or pdf) directly to store in Devonthink?

I recently started to use Readwise, it can sync Kindle highlights.

See my comments. Readwise does not appear to sync kindle highlights unless bought on Amazon, which almost none of my books are. I’ve using Readwise now and does not work these books.

Yeah apologies, I missed that.

No worries. The Readwise workflow is pretty simple and just looking for an option that doesn’t require me to jump through a million hoops to be similar!