Kindle Oasis Cover

I feel odd positing this among MPU stuff, but my usual sources are coming up dry. I was recently gifted a Kindle Oasis but I think it really needs a case/cover of some sort. I’m finding this a far superior reading device than the iPad or iPhone so I don’t want to ruin it. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Which generation Oasis?

It is 9th Generation.

I have a MoKo case on my Kindle gen9. Used it comfortably for hundreds of hours of reading over the past couple of years.


An Oasis? Sweet.

I too prefer my Paperwhite to my IOS devices. It’s easier to read with my vintage eyes.

Let us know what you like best about it after you had some time to evaluate.

I bought this case from Amazon. It works well. While it is fabric covered, it is stiffer than you might think. Not a huge deal though.

I have and like this one, also from Amazon:

It works well for me because I prefer to use the Kindle naked, but want it to have some protection otherwise. I can have this case on or off in about two seconds.

I really love these cases. I just purchased one. Thank you.

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