KM Macro Asking for Input?

Does anyone know how to create a KM Action that asks the user to type in data? I’m trying to write a macro that creates and names a new OmniFocus project, and I need it to ask me for the Project Name.

Speaking of that, I figured out how to create a new OF Project, but how do you rename it in the macro from “New Project”? I want to automate creating a new OF project every time I open a new legal file.

Use the Prompt for User Input action. This is an example, below. The NoteText field is a variable, and the value input in this action can be used later in this macro, or in other macros as %NoteText%.


More information here on the KM wiki

Thanks! Now I just have to figure out how to take that user input in the variable and rename the OmniFocus Project with it.

Instead of KM, you might want to consider using the New Project With Tasks OmniAutomation plugin for OmniFocus. Once installed and run from the Automation menu, you have this ready-made starter dialog:

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Done! Thanks! Maybe I can combine that with a KM macro that will launch OF and then select the automation!

Thanks! I’ll add an action that asks for user input for the project name and then paste it into that field! Perfect!