KM won't open Obsidian

Posting this question here as well. Anyone else having an issue with KM and Obsidian and the activate action?

Actually, I just assumed it was Obsidian, It was actually Omnifcocus holding it up. I was surprised to find that the log shows:

Action 8225 timeout exceeded. Macro “Start Up” cancelled (while executing Activate OmniFocus)

I don’t know if Action 8225 is the Activate or the Pause Until action that us getting hung up.

Solved it myself once I had some time, and discovered KM’s built-in de-bugger.
If anyone else comes across this:

Omnifocus can take a while to cold-boot on my 2014 Intel iMac. I just needed to turn off the “Timeout Aborts Macro” and the workflow now works.

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