KMS for enterprises (Confluence killer)

I’m sorry if this is a bit off-topic for a Mac forum, but for a Power User forum I consider it well inside the barriers ;p

I work for a consulting company, and we have both internal and external development projects; plus tons of sales initiatives, internal planning documents, guides, technical documentation for everything from how to connect to the printer to how to connect to that specific database and delete the stale entries every time the XXX system goes down.

And Confluence is definitely not the right tool for the job.

We need the following features, only some of which Confluence provide today:

  • A search-first interface or at least a VERY good search engine
  • Access management based on teams and/or users on both folder/area and document/file level
  • Suggestion/approval workflow for changes
  • History/undo/git-like change management
  • Support for external documents in said change management (PDF/Word/Excel/Binaries)

Obviously, since there are no real unicorns, if there are tools which provide 3/5 but are still good tools, I’d still like to know about them.

So: Mac Power Users! Do you take the challenge? What do you use in your companies? What would you like to use? What DID you use before you finally snapped and threatened to quit unless they got rid of it?

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As a consultant / contractor - I use what I’m told :joy:

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Sure, but in this case I’m in a position to affect change ;p

I currently have no idea for a Mac (or Apple ecosystem) exclusive app, I tried and know it is a good KMS. Based on that, you may try that I’ve never tried but often discussed here.

One thing I know will serve you good for point 1, 2, 4, 5 is Google Workspace plan Business Standard or higher. Cloud Search satisfies first point. The roles/groups can be tweaked for access management. All apps have history & undo (not sure which git feature you need. branch? rebase?) that saved my document from my cat messing with my keyboard. And it supports external document.

I took the red pill and moved from Fastmail to Google Workspace primarily for personal custom domain mail. I also use the ‘bonuses’ of afore-mentioned features + 2TB storage for Duplicati backup.

but in the office, I also use what I’m told—Atlassian :rofl:

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@Shruggie – what platforms are your firm using? Mac? Windows? M365? GSuite? I do work for some large agencies, who are almost all on SharePoint for KMS/document management. I’ve seen some very nice results with SharePoint that meet the bulk of your requirements, and some really crappy SharePoint sites. Skilled development and administration is required – but that’s going to be the case for any solution.


We mainly use GSuite, but that doesn’t work here. SSO can be through either Google or M365, though - we have integrations through both.
We use all operating systems - this has to be a web based system.
We’re already aware of Sharepoint, but it has a rather dismal reputation inhouse.
The benefit is that we do already have Office licenses, though.


Sharepoint springs to minds as being what most corporates use. I tried to convince my last employers to at least look at Alfresco as the underpinnings of a legal document/ record/ knowledge management system, but the prospect of contaminating their pristine Microsoft ecosystem with open source software freaked them out and we ended up with a half baked Sharepoint system.

Since then I’ve come across Outine (GitHub, Commercial), which looks interesting because if doesn’t try to do everything, rather it provides a rich API for other tools to use. For example, you can connect Alfred to it for search and directly link to Google Workspaces. Interesting tack that I’d like to try if given the oppprtunity. Has anyone else used it or anything similar?


Both good tips! I’ll have a look at both of these.