Know an alternative to EasyEnvelopes?

Ambrosia has dropped support of EasyEnvelopes in Ventura. I love EasyEnvelopes; it integrates with Contacts. Open EE, type a name and it populates your envelope with the address and your return address. Hit command P and it prints. Simple and foolproof and I miss it. Any suggestion for a replacement?

Have you tried just printing directly from Contacts? It has surprisingly good envelope and label printing features.

This is potentially very helpful. However as I try to print from Contacts the print dialog that appears only shows the first of two pages in the preview on the left.

Have you tried (test) “printing” to a PDF?

Mine shows only one page in the preview on the left too but the actual “print” contains several pages.

I’ll likely try later.

Neat. I didn’t know that. And, for what it’s worth, Cardhop has that capability too. (Select a contact, go to the print contact dialog and select “envelope”.