KVM suggestions/help

I started doing some research about how best to handle my situation …. But this is a topic I have zero interest in. So I thought I’d start with your all suggestions/ideas first.

I have a new Mac mini and a good external monitor. For work I use a windows laptop that I prefer to use with the monitor/keyboard I have for the Mac mini. Right now, whenever I want to switch from work to my Mac mini I have to unplug everything then plug into the mini. Not a big deal at the end of the work day cause I put my work laptop away. But during the day if I need/want to swap back and forth it’s a bit of a pain.

What I’d like to do is hook everything up to one hub and just swap back and forth as needed. I need an HDMI input from the two computers and HDMI output to the monitor. I can use the same keyboard and mouse with them both.

As an added input, I do have a Nintendo Switch which would be nice to set the dock up to go straight into the same hub. though I don’t actually use that very often. Nice to have, but not something I actually use much. I’m not at home right now, but I’m 95% sure the monitor only have one HDMI input.

Any suggestions or things I should look out for? There isn’t anything else I’d be using with a hub/KVM. No TV, no other consoles, no extra monitors. No automation involved or anything like that.

I was in the same boat until about a month ago. Got this:


and I’ve been happy with it overall. It comes with all the KVM cables, and even has a little 1.5"x1.5" “remote” box that runs from the KVM via a cable. So you can put the switch somewhere convenient for cabling, and run the little remote box closer to where you actually work.

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Thank you! I’ll be back home today and will make sure it’ll work. Appreciate it!