Landscape vs. portrait

I graduated from the iPad mini 2 to the full-size iPad yesterday, and now face the question how to hold the device in day to day use. I used the mini 2 in portrait mode exclusively, and now with the bigger device I’m switching between portrait and landscape to see which is more comfortable.

Which do you prefer?

  • Portrait
  • Landscape

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Pick one - whichever you use most of the time.

Which size did you get?

If I’m reading articles, news, Reeder, or writing in IA Writer I’m in Portrait mode - otherwise purely Landscape mode

I got the 9.7” non-Pro iPad that was introduced in March. It seems sufficient to my needs.

What else do you do on the iPad? What do you do with it in landscape mode?

I do all reading and annotating in portrait and all writing and typing in landscape. The exception is I use portrait when taking notes with the Apple Pencil.

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I do RAW photo editing, research for upcoming online articles, blog posts, etc.
Other than that I do the usual office type tasks, calendar management, etc.

Occasionally I do light video editing / production - so far in iMovie but looking for a bit more capable app, though

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I do “everything” in landscape, except when reading magazines (PDF’s) whose layout is in portrait.

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On my iPad mini I also did everything in Portrait. All bigger iPads I used usually ended up in Landscape.

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Completely depends. When browsing the web with no typing required, often I do so in portrait mode. Same for reading news/articles.

But once I need to type, landscape and use my Smart Keyboard. Also, if I’m doing heavy web surfing that needs tabs, I’ll go landscape.

That’s the beauty of the iPad — it can morph to meet whatever my current needs are.


Hate to say… it all depends. If at a table landscape… my case supports multi angle viewing. The Zugucase also sits proudly on top of a bamboo tea box i got from Amazon. Or it rests on an aluminum stand. Ergonomically superior but not ideal while using my detached Bluetooth keyboard.

Tonight, sprawling in my chair, my left hand supports the 10.5 in portrait with the base resting on my body. … Zugu adjusts if i want the iPad to sit on my lap, landscape again.

Proofreading portrait usually …sitting comfortably.

…videos depending on one or two

Then there is split-screen back to all depends. I tend to favor swipe soft keyboards for onehand input.

Shaggy-dog story mode off.

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My iPad Pro tends to spend most of its time in a Smart Keyboard (both for typing and as my default stand). Even when it’s not attached to the keyboard I mostly use it in landscape. Portrait is a very small proportion of my use, mostly when reading PDF documents.

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Landscape for most applications. I usually read books and magazines in portrait mode.

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A mix of both. It just depends on what I’m doing at the moment.

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Pretty much what I do on 10.5” iPad.

Some times, I try reading in landscape in split screen and taking notes in the right hand side. Feels a bit cramped on 10.5”. That works much better on 12.9”.