Lap Desk Recommendations

I do a lot of work on my MacBook Pro while sitting on my bed. I’m looking for the perfect lap desk. I have been using one I bought from Hampton Inn about 15 years ago but the cushion is splitting so I need a replacement.

Any suggestions?

I have had this Sofia + Sam Lapdesk for about six years. It has held up well and looks good as new. I use it daily. It also takes road trips with me and is very useful for working from the passenger seat.

I bought this one to replace a Levenger lap desk that started to chip and fall apart less than a year after I bought it and used it under normal conditions. It just didn’t hold up.

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This is what I use. I like that it gets the device/book up off my lap at a better viewing angle. We have an adjustable bed (head and foot raise and lower), and the legs can be adjusted to suit the angle of the bed.

Edit: A couple of other selling points:

  • Use it as a riser for your laptop so people aren’t looking up your nose during video meetings.
  • Use it as a standing desk.

This particular model is no longer available, but I’m sure there are more just like it.

This one seems close, though I would leave off the mouse pad, and not use the fans (personally).

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I have been surprised that I like this lap desk as much as I do. It’s inexpensive, but it gets the job done. It fits my 16" MacBook almost exactly, but does well with my iPad in the keyboard stand too.

For $15 what more does one need?

I use a similar one

No complaints, it’s been really nice to use. I don’t often use the fans or mouse cradle though.

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