Laptop/monitor Vesa

I’m currently running a 2015 iMac with a 27” Dell Ultrafine. I ordered a new 14” MBP and I’m thinking I’m not going to be able to handle the iMac performance anymore. I’d like to put both the Dell monitor and a laptop tray on a dual vesa mount to get everything up and off the desk.

Anyone have any setups they recommend?

I used this combination in the past, and it worked well. It gave me back a lot of desk space, and raised the laptop screen to the height of the monitor.

I had the same idea came to mind today. I have actually dual monitors, one of them is an old Dell 28inch, which is not retina, so I was thinking of retiring it and use the Mac’s display directly.

Thanks! Really helpful

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An added benefit of having your Macbook screen always on is that you can use it in combination with Lunar, so that it can auto-adjust brightness/temperature levels of the external display.

That’s how I use mine on the office.

I’ve done this recently!!

Check the weight of your monitor to choose the VESA mount. Mine is from ErGear and I do like it. I bought the laptop attachment for the VESA part separately.


Love it! I bought a VESA mount that will work exactly like this: monitor on one side, laptop on the other. I also have the same Anker MagSafe dock :wink: